The following are entertainment articles I have done as a ghostwriter for Vibe876 an online magazine with a focus on dancehall and hip-hop music.

Is it Trouble in Paradise for Quavo and Saweetie?

Just when we thought they were in it for the long haul, the lovebirds that could not keep their hands of each other have unfollowed each other on Instagram. This comes after Saweetie’s appearance on Justin LaBoy’s show ‘Respectfully Justin’.  Could there be trouble in paradise? During her interview, the grown-ish actress was asked numerous questions by Justin, who also happens to be her ex boyfriend.

During this interview, Saweetie was asked many questions that seemingly crossed the line many of which involved topics such as sex and relationships. The ICY GRL rapper was even asked if she ever had a one-night stand! It looks as if nothing was off the table in regards to the talking points in this interview. Saweetie states that she has always been in a relationship and has been faithful as this is her Cancerian nature. Justin then indicated that he is quite fond of cancers and Saweetie suggested they take shots, perhaps to get the conversation going in a different direction.

The My Type rapper has tweeted that she is now single as of March 19, 2021. She claims to have emotionally checked out of the relationship long before the split that seems to have come about from excessive betrayal from Quavo.  Saweetie was no longer willing to endure this treatment from her former boyfriend and appears as if she is ready to move on.

Fans loved the two together and are quite saddened that they have seemingly gone their separate ways. This is an example of yet another celebrity relationship gone sour due to infidelity. One fan wrote: “We need her and Quavo back together” on Instagram. Another fan wrote: “I guess that Birkin wasn’t enough? Lmao.” Another added: “Saweetie looks like she’s ready to risk it all” on the photo sharing social media platform.

It seems that trouble was brewing for some time now behind the scenes, but nothing is ever truly what it seems especially in the City of Angels.  Will these two ever find their way back to each other? Only time will tell. They say it heals all wounds.

Sizzla Kaljoni Criticizes Fellow Rastafarian Reggae Artist Fantan Mojah for Inappropriate Behaviour

Reggae artist Sizzla Kalonji has always been someone to speak exactly what is on his mind, without apology and this was evident when he confronted certain Rastafarian artists he thinks are not going in the proper direction.

In an Instagram Live yesterday, the singer made it known that he was strongly opposed those Rastafarians who do not live accordance with the values they ought to. We are not sure exactly is the target of these remarks, but it has been speculated by fans this is aimed at Dancehall and Reggae artist Fantan Mojah.

The Just One of Those Days singer has been seen enjoying music including songs from his new album Million Times when he spoke from his Judgment Yard in August Town.

He made sure his fans were aware that his “fire wasn’t done” regardless of the fact that he has not been present on the road.

Fantan Mojah was heavily criticized following the release of the racy music video for Fire King from dub poet and IRIE FM broadcaster Mutabaruka. Mutabaruka said that the video did not properly represent the morals and beliefs of the Rastafarian Bobo Ashanti order. Fantan Mojah responded with some rather aggressive comments aimed at Muta, asserting that Rastafarian elder Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith had given his song the green light.

He defended himself while in an interview stating that there was nothing preventing him from being a Rastafrian and also living a life of luxury. He explained that he believes that Rastafarians should be clean, wear nice clothes and also have nice things. He indicated that he did not agree at all with whoever had a problem with him having a luxurious lifestyle.

It is evident that Mojah and Sizzla are not on the same page by any means when it comes to how Ratafarians should live their lives. Fantan Mojah also does not support artist Sizzla’s openness regarding songs about sexual acts. He firmly believes that Rastafarians should not “advertise dem curiosity.” Both artists make good points as to what they stand for and why. Is either artist really in the wrong here?

Bobby Shmurda Becomes an Online Laughing Stock After New Dance

Fans of rapper Bobby Shmurda are not pleased with what has taken place since his return home. The Brooklyn rapper was locked up for the last 6 years on illegal possession of a firearm possession and conspiracy charges. He was finally released this past February. Many were looking forward to his return to music after his song “Hot N*gga” peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the song of the summer in 2014. Bobby Shmurda seemingly is more interested in making another popular dance similar to how the Shmoney Dance took off years ago.

Fans have begun to lose their patience with the drill rapper who is now more interested in his new relationship and dance moves than making music. He is more concerned about having a good time after spending almost 7 years behind bars. This has upset fans, and they have now begun to show their displeasure with the rapper by being vocal on social media, roasting him. 

This can be observed in the comments section of popular media personality DJ Akademik’s Instagram post. “I’m good on this Bobby happy you home tho,” one fan commented followed by a laughing face emoji. “He learned this dance in jail,” another fan added who then followed up the comment with a skull emoji. It is clear that fans are not impressed with Bobby’s current interests and are not fond of the new dance moves Bobby is showing off online.

Fans are also unhappy about his new interracial relationship. This can be observed by their tweets. “Bobby Shmurda came home with a white woman on his arm,” tweeted one fan. The fan also attached a short video to the tweet of a black man visibly upset stating he was “embarrassed for his people.” “You tell me Bobby Shmurda finally out and the first thing he looks for is a white woman?!?” Another tweeted. Attached was a confused image of the popular cartoon character Spongebob.

Music is not at the top of Bobby Shmurda’s priorities list at the moment. He is just having fun and enjoying himself, making up for lost time with those closest to him, as he should.

Bounty Killer is Tired of the Senseless Violence that is Seemingly Ongoing in Jamaican Society

Dancehall deejay Bounty Killer did not hold back on giving his opinion after receiving the new of a shootout that took place earlier today on Trafalgar Road in New Kingston that left two persons dead.  The shootout took place at a rather busy intersection in the Kingston 5 area, and it was around midday when it occurred.

Three gunmen exchanged shots with the police in a shootout, which resulted in two of the gunmen being shot dead and the third being taken in custody. Initially, it had been reported by The Gleaner that the men were suspected to have committed a murder in Swallowfield and were attempting to escape. However, it was later reported that they were believed to have killed a man on Old Hope Road and then they were met with the policemen while trying to escape.

The “Benz and Bimma” recording artist took to his Instagram account to let his 815,000 followers know how he felt about what had happened. He expressed his disbelief in his caption under the video of the shootout he re-uploaded to his account. The video has now been shared many times. “Moments after this took place on Waterloo Rd two likkle mascaraed go meet them Waterloo the little youths them have no rawtid sense today”, Bounty Killer said. He claimed that merely hours before receiving the news he posted the Crime Stop Crime Crash video, a motivational video promoting peace and taking a stand against crime.

He showcased his disgust with the current state of the nation as a whole and stated that he would not have bothered to leave Riverton or Seaview Gardens if this is what can be expected after leaving the inner city communities. The artist then went on to put down those who support persons who engage in criminal activities.  “Then so hear mi all of the Stinking Nasty Duty Rotten Johncrow Skirmish Zaar Criminal deh fi bloodlclaath DEAD in cold blood,” said the recording artist.  He then continued to show his hatred for these individuals, claiming that persons associated with those who support this type of behavior should also be condemned.

Former Miss Jamaica World Yendi Phillipps has an In-Depth Interview with Agent Sasco on her YouTube Talk Show Odyssey

More popularly known as Agent Sasco, Jeffrey Campbell is no stranger to dancehall and reggae lovers alike. Campbell was born in Kingston and raised by his father. His parents separated at age 2 and he did not see his mother often growing up. His relationship with music began at an early age and he would perform for his family members even as a toddler. He would go on to perform at Christmas concerts and school barbeques, but it was not until adolescence that he began to take music seriously.

At around age 14, he took on the moniker Assassin, which came from peers describing him as a “lyrical assassin” according to Campbell. It was around this time that he met other performers in the industry. He claims that the difference between Assassin and Agent Sasco is maturity. The name change and image change took place after the death of his mother and the birth of his first daughter. He cut his iconic braided style for a low cut and Agent Sasco came to be. With all of these huge life changes, he was motivated to improve himself for his family.

Family is very important to Campbell since his parents split at such a young age he always wanted to have a solid family unit for his own family. He wanted to ensure that both parents raised the children together and under one roof and have structure.

Agent Sasco is not interested in keeping up with the younger generation and their ever-changing social media trends. “I care zero about the younger demographic, to be honest with you,” Campbell said responding to Yendi mentioning her daughter’s love for his music and an upcoming new generation of listeners. He does not follow trends and is intent on doing his own thing and is proud of this. “I’m not going to be a slave to this thing I love so much,” Campbell said as a response to his view on being relevant on social media.

Yendi and Sasco also talk about his love for building, gardening and cooking. He mentions his father instilling in him certain values, the importance of having a routine and being disciplined. All of this helped to shape the person he is today as both a musician and a father. After this interview, you can certainly say that Agent Sasco wears many hats.

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna May Be All Matchy-Matchy on Instagram, But Does It Mean They’re All Buddy-Buddy Again?

Hip-Hop star Nicki Minaj and pop icon Rihanna have surprisingly been caught wearing the same designer heels on Instagram. This has led fans to speculate whether or not they are collaborating on a project or getting back in one another’s good graces. The popular shoe in the spotlight is from the luxury fashion brand Bottega Veneta. These mesh sandals are £ 685.00 for a pair and they come in a variety of colours. Pumps with a similar mesh design are also available from the high-end brand.

The two stars have also started following each other again on Instagram. This has caused their long time fans to think they are likely collaborating very soon. Nicki on Monday posted to her Instagram and Twitter accounts two photos of herself with the caption “Friday”. In the photos the rapper is on a table in a pink-themed room, wearing nothing more than pink Crocs and covers her body with heart-shaped pink pillows. Nicki has previously released albums with the title Pink Friday, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded—The Re-Up. Could this be an album teaser?

Nicki and Rihanna have collaborated on the songs “Fly” and “Raining Men” back in 2010, and have seemingly been feuding for many years. Perhaps they have finally decided they are better off as friends and should work together on another song or possibly a joint album? They have also started a joint business venture due to their deal with Tidal. It is unclear what exactly caused the fall out with these two, but one can speculate it likely has to do with rap star Drake. He and Nicki are long time friends from the days they were signed to Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records in the early 2010s.  Rihanna and Drake eventually started dating and Nicki was not too close with Drake due to a feud with her ex-boyfriend rapper Meek Mill.

Nicki and Rihanna unfollowed each other on social media at some point after all of this went down. They have followed and unfollowed each other a few times since then. Will they be able to be business partners a well as friends both online and in real life? Only time will tell.

DJ Khaled Gives Shout-Out to Upcoming Jamaican Artist Blvk H3ro

Popular music producer DJ Khaled is quite impressed by upcoming dancehall artist Blvk H3ro. His latest single “It Nuh Easy” amassed 62,000 views on YouTube in the three weeks following its release. Singer, songwriter and producer Blvk H3ro has released a few mixtapes and is currently working on his album Immortal Steppa. Presently the recording artist has 27,900 followers on his Instagram account and a collection of his music can be streamed on his SoundCloud. The riddim for his recent single “It Nuh Easy” was produced by Biggs Fya Muzic and The Koastal Kings and currently has 2,500 plays on the streaming app.

In a recent Instagram live with Jamaica Observer’s Lifestyle Editor Novia McDonald and Sandals CEO Adam Stewart, the producer had nothing but good things to say about Jamaica and its music. He praised the food and is particularly fond of starchy favourites bammy and breadfruit. Stewart claimed he was not surprised by the producer’s success. He congratulated Khaled on being number one as his new album Khaled Khaled released at the end of last month is now number one on both Spotify and iTunes.

Khaled noticed the comments during the Instagram live and saw that fans were mentioning Blvk H3ro. “I heard his music when I was in Jamaica, he was sounding incredible,” Khaled said. He also had some words of encouragement for Jamaican artists. “Shout out to all the new artists and the new generation out there. Keep striving, keep going hard, keep representing, keep making great music, keep uplifting the people,” Khaled added. He then added to this by stating that the music of Jamaica was uplifting to the world.

Blvk H3ro will have a lot more eyes on his social media pages and hopefully some new followers and fans after getting a shout out from one of the most well-known producers in the music industry.

Chicago Drill Rapper Lil Durk Has Offered to Buy the City’s Notorious O Block

Rap star Lil Durk is interested in purchasing the infamous O Block housing project currently up for sale.

Home to some of the biggest names in modern drill music is Parkway Gardens, more infamously known as O Block. Rappers like Chief Keef, King Von, Fredo Santana, and Lil Durk were all raised in the notorious Chicago neighbourhood. It is the 6400 block of South Dr Martin Luther King Drive, a neighbourhood constantly plagued with gang violence. Interestingly enough, this neighbourhood was also home to a young Michelle Obama. As murderous as this place may be, there is proof that one can make it out and become a successful person in life. 

Lil Durk and other Chicago rappers often mention the dangerous street life growing up in O Block in their music. King Von is one example of this. He has mentioned the block in his single “Took her To The O” and his debut album Welcome to O’Block

Lil Durk is willing to pay any amount to secure the housing project. It is now listed for sale by the real estate firm owning it. The firm is seeking a buyer able to take charge of all three complexes that extend from 63rd to 65th streets. Lil Durk is insistent on getting the property. This can be observed in a tweet where he responds to hip-hop blog @KollegeKidd claiming he will buy it no matter the cost. 

Lil Durk has unfortunately been quite unlucky in his personal life and now rumours have spread that he is cursed. People now believe that to be affiliated with him is to have an inevitable early or gruesome passing. This may just be a result of being raised in such a savage neighbourhood since the majority of his companions were exposed to gangs and gang violence. He is blessed to be alive and thriving in his music career today.

We will have to wait to find out whether or not Lil Durk’s offer will be accepted.