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Hi, I’m Janell, a South Florida-based freelance beauty & fashion writer.

I have always loved creative writing, beauty, and style and have been a content creator since 2014. My forte is written and visual content for beauty, fashion, and wellness. I have a BFA in Photography and certificates in Social Media Marketing and Professional Makeup Artistry. I’ve also done Parson’s School of Design’s Fashion Industry Essentials course.

Two years after posting my first Youtube video, I started this blog focusing on plant-based, health-focused lifestyle content. Over time the focus has shifted towards style advice, self-care, and product reviews.

You could say I have a way with words—and a soft spot for sparkles.

I love playing around with different colors whether I’m drawing, painting, or taking photos, and have always been obsessed with collages. I had a ton of scrapbooks, loved collecting magazines and wrote short stories. I’ve always been super artistic, so it’s not hard to see why I decided to work in a creative industry for work. I started to become more interested in beauty and fashion as a teenager and spent even more time keeping up with trends while developing my own personal style.

In college, I spent a lot of time doing makeup and putting together looks for the models on photoshoots for my commercial and product assignments, which further influenced my decision to work in beauty and fashion.

I have worked as a brand ambassador and content creator for many small businesses, brands, and a well-known company, Macy’s. As part of the Macy’s Style Crew ambassador program, the main tasks for this project included putting together various looks using items sold on their site and optimizing on-page content with relevant keywords. I also have experience with virtual styling for the Fashone app.

Like a well-loved lip gloss tube, copy is my main squeeze.

After years of content creation, I decided to focus my creative energy on retail copywriting as it combines my natural storytelling ability and my favorite pastime, shopping. Earning from my passion and collaborating with my favorite brands is truly a dream that materialized.

Ready to level up your look? Let’s chat!

If you’d like to work together, email me at janellcblair@gmail.com.